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Mallards Sidewalk Café­­

Home of “the Clerk”

23410 Front Street
Accomac, VA


Mallard Salad ~ mixed greens with
sprouts, carrots, granny smith
apples, cranberries, walnuts and
our own raspberry bleu cheese

Cobb Salad ~ tender chicken
breast, hardboiled eggs, bacon,
cheddar cheese, carrots, tomatoes,
black olives, mixed greens…..7.29

Chef salad ~ Ham, turkey, swiss,
cheddar, hardboiled egg,
tomatoes, cucumbers…..6.29

Mediterranean Tuna ~ JMo’s tuna
atop of mixed greens…..6.29

Signature Sandwiches

The Judge ~ roast beef, asiago,
romaine, tomato, red onion,
horseradish mayo on a Kaiser…..7.29

The Clerk ~ turkey breast, sprouts,
tomatoes,muenster cheese with
cranmayo on thick grain bread…..6.29

The Deputy ~ VA baked ham,
romaine, tomatoes, swiss and
honey Dijon on rye…..6.29

The Lawyer ~ albacore tuna with
black olives, tomatoes, red onions,
feta cheese and capers on country

The Client ~ chicken Cesar wrap…..6.29

The Innocent ~ All the Veggies and
cheddar cheese with balsamic
vinaigrette on a wrap…..5.29

The Guilty ~ roast beef, turkey,
ham, cheddar, romaine, red onions,
tomatoes,and Johnny Mo sauce on
a baguette…..7.29

The Bailiff ~ Hot turkey with
melted cheddar, bacon, romaine,
tomatoes on toasted kaiser with
Johnny Mo Sauce…..7.29

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